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                                            THE AU-PAIR PROGRAM             
 Here, at the Surrey Au-pair Agency, we understand how important it is to know as much as you can about the program,the process and the young person you are welcoming in your home and trust with the care of your children.
 That is why we would never recommend choosing an au-pair without the help of a reputable Au-pair Agency,in order to make the process as hassle free ,quick and safe as it is possible.
 Please note : only EU and YMS ( Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme approved countries  like Monaco, New Zealand, Australia, Japan  Canada, Taiwan and Korea) citizens are allowed to work as au-pairs in the UK!  
Following the Home Office's Guidelines, an au pair is :
  • a young male or female aged 18+, no upper limit! we recommend 30,this is after all a cultural exchange program for young people.
  • single,not married, without children or any other dependants
  • a person with at least a basic knowledge of English language
  • in a good state of mental and physical health
  • interested in getting to know the British culture and ready to stay in the UK for up to 2 years.
  • ready to help hosting families with childcare and
  • light  household chores.
  • a person who works for up to 25 hours/week
  • babysit for up to 2 evenings/week.
Please note: only EU and citizens from the Tier 5 YMS can work as au-pair plus and there are specific requirements for Romanian and Bulgarian au-pairs!
In return an au-pair should receive:
  • a room for her/himself, with a desk for study,full boarding and be invited to live as one of the family.
  • pocket money of £80/week, 
  • 2 whole free days and enough free time to attend language classes.

We also place au-pair plus candidates who have more up to a year childcare experience and would help up to 35 hours per week for £100 pocket money per week + 2 evenings babysitting, and mother's help candidates  (live in only!) who have usually more than 2 years childcare experience and work up to 45 hours per week for a salary of £150-£250 per week ,depending on experience and hours worked.
                                        THE PLACEMENT PROCESS
If the Au-pair is not in the country:
  • We will contact you, after you have registered your interest, for a 20-25 minutes phone talk . It is a great opportunity to cover all other aspects of your Family's needs and get to know each other better.
  • We will assess your requirements and send you suitable Au-pairs'  information pack. This includes: their profile, hand written letter about themselves ( Dear Host Family letter), references,medical and police checks as well as some photographs.
  • We will help arrange a phone/skype interview between you and your Au-pair,the Agency can also supply sample interview questions.
  • If you are both happy to proceed with the placement,this is the time to send us the Invitation letter for your Au-pair.We then, will let them know that they can book their travel.
  • Within 2-3 days of her/him arriving,we will call around to say "Hello" and hear about her/his first impressions.
  • We would like to keep in touch and have regular updates on how you are getting along , please feel free to call or send us an e-mail,we are here for you.
Please note:We require our newly registered families to provide us with a proof of identity, address and references. This can be from a former nanny/au-pair or somebody who had known your family for a long time.
If the au-pair is already in the country:
  • The same process applies, except in this case, we will arrange for a face to face interview between you and your au-pair.
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