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                           FAQs and more helpful information below!
  • Tell me the best aspects of being an au-pair?
In our opinion there are many reasons why you should work as an au-pair, but the most attractive and beneficial to you are these three:
1.Learn English, you will be using the language every day,your vocabulary will be enriched and your accent will become polished, indeed,with a bit of effort, you will be speaking English fluently by the time your stay finishes!
2.Extend your horizon, think about the new places you'll visit, the new friends you'll make and the opportunity to learn about the British culture and philosophy of life!
3.Gain experience, both work experience and life experience! you'll have the opportunity to study towards qualifications in English language and childcare, if you wish, finance your leisure activities and travel across the country, and even extend your stay, if you really enjoyed your first year. Which we are pretty sure you will!
  • What would you consider a "good" au-pair?
There is no right or wrong answer to this question, because every family has unique needs and circumstances. As a rule, an au-pair should be respectful and polite, to all members of the household, take the initiative, do help with the washing up after dinner or offer to take the children to the local park, ask questions, indeed, communicate with your host family, try to make sure you understand what is required of you at all times, and most of all, give yourself and your host family time to get to know each other.
  •   What to do if things do not work out?
First and foremost, talk to your family openly about what is worrying you. Are you struggling with homesickness, do you find it hard to bond with the children, do you feel a bit overwhelmed by the tasks, or not included in the family? Most of the time,these feelings can be traced back to genuine misunderstandings and you will find that with a bit of empathy and attention, all problems can be resolved and both you and your host family will be relieved to have discussed and cleared all issues. But, if all communication had broken down and both you and your family decide not to continue, we will do our best to find you a new host family as soon as possible. 
  •  Can the Agency assist me with my application?
We certainly can! The Agency can provide you with handy templates for your doctor to fill out, with a "Dear Host Family letter" guideline, as well as,a confidentiality form,personality test and a list of helpful questions you might want to ask when your family calls for the initial phone interview, add to that plenty of guidance and information and you can be assured we have got your back!
  • What qualities are essential to every au-pair?
We think an au-pair should :
1.Most importantly- have a genuine interest, a responsible and caring attitude towards children!  
2. Be flexible and adaptable  
3. Organised and reliable
  • What about insurance?
Au-pairs are entitled to use the NHS (national health service) in case of emergency,accident or illness. The Agency can assist you and your host family in registering you with their GP, if/ when required, or you can arrange your own insurance,if you so wish.
  • I'm already here and I need a family now! Can you help me?
Probably not, we are afraid. The Agency needs enough time and all background information about you to find and place you safely in the UK.We urge all future au-pairs to register, provide ALL the documents  and references requested BEFORE arriving in this country, and allow for 3-4 weeks for the Agency to find a suitable, good match!If, for any reason, you find yourself in this situation,please call the embassy of your respective country,they can guide and help you! Find themHERE.