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                    FAQs and more helpful information bellow!
  • You usually send out 2-3 profiles.Why can't I have  a large selection of au-pairs to choose from!
Put simply,  we are not that sort of agency. We consider that sending you profiles for the sake of it, shows that we have not done a good job at all.
We much rather take the time and effort to find candidates who match your requirements to the letter, and are keen and reliable to come and work as your au-pair.
  • How long does it usually take to find a suitable au-pair?
Please allow 3-4 weeks for the Agency to select, match, screen and prepare the au-pair for your family. Please note that this time frame is for guidance only. Placements with January, June and September starting dates  might take considerably less, whereas all other months somewhat more time to process.
  • Can Romanian and Bulgarian citizens work as au-pairs in the UK?
The short answer is yes!  For the first year they are not allowed to work more than 25 hours +2 nights babysitting/week and they need to apply for an accession worker card ( or Purple card) within 3 month of arriving to the family. After that 1 year worked, they have unrestricted access to work in the UK. Please read the Home Office guidelines for Romanian and Bulgarian au-pairs HERE.
  • What can be considered as "light household chores" ?
Following Home Office guidelines, your au-pair should share the household's lighter chores. That is, he/she will help with the ironing,dusting, vacuum cleaning, washing, wiping of  commonly used areas, such as, the kitchen,bathroom,halls,living and dining rooms. Additionally, the au-pair, as part of their childcare duties, will help keep the children's room tidy, cook healthy meals, initiate and supervise play and homework , as well as take the children to and pick them up from school and other out of school activities (swimming, dance, etc. lessons)
Au-pairs will also need to keep their own room tidy at all times.
  • Can au-pairs care for a child under the age of 2 or a child with
special needs?
They can not.They are not qualified or have extensive experience to do so. However, au-pair plus can care for infants under 2 as long as they have at least 1 year experience working with this age range.
  • Is there any financial support with Tax and NI ?
Yes,Tax and NI contributions are payable only when the amount payed  to the au-pair exceeds £146/week.Also,families who employ the help of registered child carers (au-pairs too!) might be eligible for some Child Tax Credits. Please have a look at : www.hmrc.gov.uk/taxcredits for more information and eligibility criteria.
  • How can my au-pair become a registered child carer?
If both you and your au-pair are committed, it is worth having a look at the voluntary registration schemeoffered by Ofsted.
Ofsted Helpline : 08456 404040
  • Where do most of your au-pairs come from?
We can place au-pairs from all over Europe and from the countries under the Tier 5 Youth Mobility scheme ( Canada, Australia, Monaco, Japan, New Zealand,Taiwan and Korea). Please find helpful information about specific countries on the BBC's country profilewebsite. Taiwan has also been added to the list.
  • Does the Agency place au-pairs all over the UK?
We do indeed! From Aberdeen to Hastings and Norwich to Cardiff, we have had au-pairs matched to families from all over Great Britain and one from Limerick (Ireland ) as well!
  • How can I help my au-pair feel welcome and settle in their new environment?
While coming to the UK  is an exciting venture for most au-pairs, there is the possibility that they will feel homesick,miss their parents, social networks and boy/girlfriends. You can make them feel welcome from the start by presenting them with a handy Au-pair Pack! It really helps making your au-pair feelincluded(in family meals,holidays,days out), be interested in their  stories,background, family,country,talk to them,about anything and everything, not just the household and children, help them socialise, by enrolling them on an English course. Finally, we will organise meet ups regularly and help your au-pair find friends with the same interests and likes.
  • What to do if things do not work out?
We recommend a frank and open discussion with your au-pair. In our experience, most au-pairs expect and are very happy to follow the guidelines set out by their host family and most misunderstandings can be resolved with mutual compromise. Set up a list of the most important areas you need help with.Is it with childcare or household duties? Try not to overload your au-pair's schedule, please consider that they are not  nannies or housekeepers, they have not got the necessary qualifications or experience to commit to such workload. But, if all means of communication failed and you both decide to end the agreement,we will still  be here,we understand how disruptive this could be for the children and your household so we will try our best to  mediate or find you another au-pair as soon as possible.