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                           TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS
          Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully!
Surrey Au-pair Agency acts as an Employment Agency,introducing au-pairs to host families in the UK. At no point does the Agency directly or indirectly employ the au-pair/au-pair abroad,the host family does.Surrey Au-pair Agency will send out no more than up to 3 suitable profiles to registered families.Acceptance of an au-pair/family is acceptance of the Agency's Terms & Conditions of Business.
(In this Terms & Conditions of Business, the term "au-pair" applies to au-pair,au-pair plus/au-pair couple, "the family", "you", applies to the British host family,"au-pair abroad" applies to British au-pairs placed into host families abroad,whereas the term "The Agency" ,"we", "us", "our" applies to Mary Gosling t/a Surrey Au-pair Agency.)
                                    1. PRIVACY
Surrey Au-pair Agency complies with the Data Protection Act, which requires all organisations to comply with eight principles regarding privacy and disclosure, when handling personal data. The Act states that information must be:
  • Secure
  • Fairly and lawfully processed
  • Processed in line with individual's rights
  • Processed for limited purposes
  • Accurate and up to date
  • Adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • Not transferred to other countries without adequate protection
  • Not kept for longer than it is necessary
All information provided by both our families and au-pairs is kept secure.We request and collect data relevant to a placement . We do not publish your personal data on our website,nor do we disclose it to any third party but the previously agreed/selected Family or Au-pair.This website links to other,external sites.The Agency can not be held responsible for the content of these websites. By using this website, you are giving Surrey Au-pair Agency permission to use your information this way.
                                        2. FEES
  • From the moment a family/au-pair abroad has chosen an au-pair/family,the Agency allows for 3 days to receive the appropriate placement fee,invitation letter and proof of identity and address. Failing that,the Agency will place the au-pair/family with another family/au-pair abroad.
  • In case an au-pair is already in the country,or the family wishes to be found an au-pair who is already in the country, the placement fee has to be paid on the date the invoice is issued.
  • As each placement involves a certain amount of administrative work and costs,it's imperative we receive the registration fee of £25 prior to any work done on the family's/au-pair abroad behalf. Your application will not be considered valid unless we receive the registration fee. The registration fee is refundable , it will be deducted from the placement fee.
  • Returning families/au-pairs abroad do not have to pay the registration fee again.
  • Late payments will be subjected to a £50 fee.
  • Please be aware that the Agency might make use of a Debt Recovery Agency if payment is not received and it might affect your credit status.
                        3. CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS
  • The Agency recommends a probation period of a month.During that,if either party decides that they are unsuitable for each other,the Agency must be notified immediately,in writing,stating the reason for dissatisfaction. After that month, it is agreed that the Agency has fullfilled its obligations and the placement is satisfactory.
  • No refunds will be offered, where the the family/au-pair abroad requests that no replacement au-pair/family be found.
  • The Agency offers one free replacement to the family/au-pair abroad as soon as possible (no later than a month), failing that, a full refund will be offered.
  • The Agency can not guarantee that the replacement au-pair will be of the same nationality as the previous one or that they will be in the country already.
  • It is the family's/au-pair abroad responsibility to like the au-pair /family offered and to make sure of their suitability.If the family/au-pair abroad decides not to accept the replacement au-pair/family,without a reasonable argument, no refund will be offered.
  • Physical appearance, nationality, age, language abilities, etc will not be considered  reasonable, valid arguments to dismiss a replacement au-pair.
  • The Agency and the au-pair must be notified immediately if, after accepting an au-pair, any change in circumstances occurs. This includes, ( but is not exhaustive of ) number of working hours, number of children cared for, separation, death, amount of pocket money offered, move, debilitating illness, etc.
  • The Agency reserves the right to remove the au-pair immediately and refuse a replacement au-pair if the Agency has not been notified of any change in circumstances and if those changes breach the conditions in the Au-pair's Invitation Letter.
  • The Agency offers a free placement if the au-pair cancels the arrangement,before arriving in the country.
  • All refunds and replacements are subject to the punctual payment of the placement fee.
  • The Agency can not be held responsible if an au-pair decides to shorten the length of her stay.All arrival/departure dates are aproximate.The Agency can not be held responsible if  an au-pair fails to arrive on a given date which might result in loss of business,employment,etc.
  • If the family and au-pair decide to extend a short term placement, the family /au-pair abroad becomes liable to pay the remaining amount charged for a long term placement.
                                   4.  DISMISSAL
  • The Agency reserves the right to remove an au-pair immediately and refuse a replacement au-pair if ,in the Agency's judgment, the family has failed to 
a) pay the amount of pocket money agreed

b) provide a separate bedroom and adequate conditions of life

c) be considerate and respect the au-pair as an individual (for example,verbal and physical abuse,including sexual harassment).

d) provide the Agency with valid information about the family.

e) ensure that in case of children under the age of 2,the au-pair has no sole charge at any time.
  • In all above cases the Agency  can not be held responsible and will not offer a refund or replacement.
  • The Agency reserves the right to terminate an au-pair's /au-pair abroad contract immediately and refuse to place her to other families in case of false information and gross misconduct.
  • All au-pairs and families must be given 14 days notice. In case of gross misconduct or allegations of an illegal nature, the Agency and the Police must be notified. Au-pairs must be paid, whether allowed to work the notice period or not. If the family is adamant the au-pair must leave immediately, the family will be responsible for all costs of accommodation and travel until a suitable agreement can be found.
  • The Agency shall not be held responsible for any liability of costs,damage to property or persons, gross misconduct or the accuracy of details provided by au-pairs.
  • The Agency does not recommend au-pairs drive in the UK  before they had the chance to get used to their surroundings ( at least a month).If a family wishes the au-pair to drive,they must provide the adequate insurance, driving lessons and car at their cost. The au-pair  (no matter of their liability)and the Agency can not be held responsible for any damage of the car, if involved in an accident.
  • Families are responsible for employers' liability insurance and public liability insurance for their au-pair and they are advised to seek guidance at their respective insurance companies .
  • The host family must meet the au-pair at the pre-agreed airport,station,stop. The Agency will assist with arrival dates,places and times for both the family and au-pair.
  • As advised by the Home Office,au-pairs should not be asked to work on British Bank Holidays and should be given 28 days holiday per year or 1.66 days per month pro rata.
  • The au-pair can not be expected to go on a holiday when the family does and should be paid normally if the family does go away on holiday no matter if the au-pair goes or not.
                                   7. TAX AND NI
  • All families are responsible for paying Tax and NI contributions if the amount paid to the au-pair exceeds £109/week for NI and £182/week for Tax. Please refer to the Useful Links page on our website or call us for further assistance.
                                8. CONFIDENTIALITY
  • Au-pairs/au-pairs abroad are not to disclose any personal information about their host family,under any circumstances but those presented at  sub point 4.
  • Details of prospective au-pairs are presented to the family in confidence. Any information passed on to another family which results in an engagement/agreement, will make the family passing the information ,liable to the Agency's placement fees .
The Agency  reserves the right to commence Court proceedings against anyone whose intention is to harm the reputation of  the Agency.  We will not tolerate any defamatory libel, which could decrease the respect, regard or confidence, or induce hostile, disagreeable opinions or feelings against  the Agency. All subsequent Court costs will be automatically added to the final costs and will be the liability of  anyone with such and other intentions/claims.
In case these terms and conditions are breached by the family/ au-pair abroad, the Agency will not be liable to offer a replacement au-pair/family or refund.
All documents will remain property of Surrey Au-pair Agency. By registering on this website you agree  that you have read, understood and comply with its content.. These Terms and Conditions of Business remain valid until otherwise stated by the owner of Surrey Au-pair Agency and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Great Britain and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Great Britain.