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                                  THE AU-PAIR PROGRAM
So, you are on a gap year or recently graduated and always wanted to come and experience for yourself what Britain is really all about?
Well done for taking the initiative! Please read on to see how we can help you!
Are you?
  • between 18 and 30 years old ?
  • single,no dependent children ?
  • able to speak at least a basic English?
  • eager and enthusiastic about coming to Britain ?
  • ready to help with childcare and household chores ?
Can you?
  • present an up to date medical and police check?
  • have excellent references?
Would you?
  • like to experience the British way of life living with a lovely family and receiving £80+ weekly pocket money as well?
If the answer is YES to all questions then congratulations and welcome!
On a more serious note, we know you will want to be reassured that you will be provided with an excellent service, that the family you will become part of has been thoroughly screened, that you will be treated with respect and understanding, that's why we have put together a comprehensive guide  which tells you step by step what happens when a family registers with our Agency.

Also,find all required forms/documents to download HERE!
If your education,experience and willingness allows, here it is where you can go after you have worked a year as an Au-pair:
  • Au-pair Plus
 A young person with some childcare experience (at least 1 year) who works up to 35 hours per week and receives a minimum payment of £100 per week. He/she has 2 free days and 3 free evenings and babysits up to 2 nights/week.


  • Au-Pair Couple
As the name suggests, we refer to a couple who meet the basic Au-pair description, but at least one of them must be a driver. They can work as different combinations of au-pairs and have to be paid accordingly. They are usually provided a separate annexe to the house,and some families prefer to pay them £50 week  food allowance.

                        THE PLACEMENT PROCESS
  • After registering with us, we will contact you for an informal chat in your native language. It will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and to clarify all aspects of what it will mean to work as an au-pair. It will provide us with information about your personality, attitude, motivation and commitment to the programme.
  • The Agency will be provided with your hand written "Dear Host Family" letter, references in English!( please note: references given by family members will not be considered), photographs, up to date medical and police checks.
  • We will call you for a chat in English this time! This will allow us to assess your language skills and you to show them off a bit!
  • Meanwhile we will be busy in the background, your medical and police checks as well as ALL your references will be double checked and followed up,your host family will be sent your data and we will be on hands with more info for both them and you, if needed.
  • A telephone/skype interview will be arranged between you and the host family, please think about any questions you would like to ask them, it is your opportunity to have an initial impression and feel about your host family (the Agency can provide a list of helpful questions if needed, please ask!)
  • If you both agree,we can then proceed with the placement!Your host family will send us a formal Invitation letter for you,the Agency will assist you in finding an affordable flight and will let the family know the date and time you are arriving. The family will be waiting for you at the airport,train station or bust stop,depending on your arrangements.
  • We will call you as soon as you have arrived (2-3 days) to say "hello" and reassure you that we will be here ,should you need further assistance.
  • We would like to keep in touch throughout your stay, so please feel free to e-mail us with updates and call us,we are really happy to hear from all of you!
Please note:You must pay for your own travel and bring enough money with you to cover for unforseen circumstances!